Products offered by Milre satisfy the highest quality standard. Most of the solutions used in Milre signed products are fruits of work of internal Research & Development department. Some of them are patented solutions. Custom mechanisms allowed Milre to produce guarding devices distinguished by very high level of security and protection. High quality materials and components used in production influence very long problem-free work time.

Some of the solutions used in Milre digital locks (not every technology is used in the exact product):

  • Two doors locking methods – additional digital key and secret code allows children and elders to use comfortable method for opening the doors.
  • Silent mode – designed with peace and comfort in mind for family and neighbors.
  • Sound control – sound level might be set to 8 different levels.
  • Front case – secures keypad when lock is not in use.
  • Digital keys – for each lock you can assign up to 20 digital keys (sold separately) – useful if you have a big family or many people have access to room.
  • Secret code – you can program up to 8 different secret codes for comfort of every family member or office worker.
  • Keypad highlight – when front case is open, 10-keys keypad highlights. Even in night there are no problem with entry of proper code.
  • Intrusion warning – in case of attempt unauthorized entry, when burglar will try to force the doors or tear out the lock, security system will turn on and start loud warning signal.
  • Double security system – when double security system is enabled, doors can’t be opened from outside even when proper code or assigned digital key is used.
  • Fire detection – when security system will detect high temperature, it will activate loud warning signal and disable double security system.
  • Auto lock / Manual lock (Auto/Manual, optional) – when you close the doors you don’t have to remember about extra security. Lock will automatically engage itself every time the doors are closed. If you often open and close the door, and don’t want this kind of feature, choose manual mode. You can secure the doors then by entering “0” on keypad.
  • Repeatable door locking – doors will lock automatically, if after 10 seconds after unlocking (using secret code or digital code) you won’t open it.
  • Single touch unlock – we’ve carefully designed single touch features made for comfort of children and elderly.
  • Informational feature of colorful display – 8 colors display has been designed so you can easily explore device features.
  • Battery display – 3-states battery display allows user to check, how good battery used by device is. In case of low charge in battery it will indicate necessity of replacement by sound and light.
  • Suspend of single touch unlock feature – it’s possible to disable single touch unlock feature. Then you can unlock the doors only by using digital key or secret code.